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What is the Tahiti Nui Triathlon Retreat?

THE TAHITI NUI TRIATHLON RETREAT A mix of paradise and triathlon that will leave you feeling relaxed, yet wanting more.

This Training/Recovery/Race Retreat will offer you three different island paradises, with unique training & tip sessions for each discipline on the islands, with the final race on Moorea.  In addition, we will provide the recovery and once in a lifetime experiences you need at the end of a long season.


If you are looking for a 2020 unique triathlon experience, that will fuel your competitive spirit, free your stressed mind, and take you to a place like no other, then the Tahiti Nui Triathlon Retreat is the race for you.

Go to the The Packages Section to find out how you can join us...

Packages starting at $4,895

Sunday - Monday

Run Training & Cultural Experiences (Tahiti)


Tuesday - Thursday

Swim Training & Cultural Experiences (Bora Bora)


Bike Training & Cultural Experiences (Moorea)

Awards Dinner (Moorea)


Triathlon Competition (Moorea)

           Pearl Race    Swim 0.5 mile (750m)        Bike 15 mile (24.1 km)      Run 4.5 mile (7.2 km) 

           Nui Race       Swim 1 mile (1.6 km)          Bike 28 mile (45 km)       Run 12 mile (19.3 km)



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